About Me: 

As a dedicated therapist, my journey into the field of mental health began as a school counselor, where I passionately served for 14 years. Working closely with children and adolescents allowed me to develop a deep understanding of their unique emotional needs and the challenges they face during their formative years. This invaluable experience laid a strong foundation for my career and fueled my desire to expand my knowledge and expertise in the field.

I actively pursued various professional development opportunities, particularly in the area of trauma. Recognizing the prevalence and impact of trauma on young individuals, I attended numerous specialized training programs to enhance my understanding and therapeutic skills in trauma-informed care. These trainings equipped me with effective strategies to support students who have experienced trauma, helping them navigate their emotions, develop resilience, and restore a sense of safety and well-being.

I have also dedicated a significant portion of my career to counseling and coaching parents. Recognizing the vital role parents play in a child's development, I believe in empowering parents with effective parenting skills and strategies. Through individual counseling sessions and group workshops, I have guided parents in fostering healthy communication, setting boundaries, and promoting emotional well-being within their families. My aim is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that enhances the overall growth and development of both children and parents.

To broaden my skill set and gain a comprehensive understanding of different age groups, I sought out internships that allowed me to work with adults of all ages. These internships exposed me to a diverse range of mental health issues and provided me with the opportunity to develop therapeutic relationships with individuals navigating various life challenges.My experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of individuals across various age groups, allowing me to provide empathetic, tailored, and effective counseling services to clients of all backgrounds and walks of life.

I currently offer Telehealth only.